Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to handle negative or adverse forces?

I almost lost my divinity today because an ebay seller just came at me soooo negative.  But after reviewing some of her feedback, I saw that It was not me but that is just the way she handles people, very aggressive and disagreeable.  One of her feedback stated that she used profanity and threatened people via email.  I received the same thing.  Even after lifting my positive shield up she still had to come back with name calling and more negativity. 
What was so strange about this individual is she sells things to help with your divinity.  Can you imagine the type of energy that carries with her items for sale.  I'm glad I wasn't able to use her products or didn't even get a chance to use.  I do believe it would have just brought negativity in its presence.  There was just something creepy about her. 

Anyway, I held my breath like a lady and didn't let my tounge loose out of control.  I refuse to be like that monstrous ebay seller.  I just couldn't believe her anger.  Someone please pray for that witch... literally.

How did I handle it.  I didn't respond how she expected or wanted me to.  I remain calm and didn't let the demon in her affect my emotion and ruin my day.  I pause for a moment before responding to her and imagined how the essenes of any mystic order would have responded to the situation.  I didn't feed to her venemous fire but I quickly surrounded my self with calm water to deflect her negative energy.  Some people are plain creepy like their mama.

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