Tuesday, February 14, 2012

UPS the way they deliver

Maybe he was just in a hurry, but oh my gosh!  Wouldn't the UPS driver aka UPS delivery man would have noticed that the shit he delivered me has been damaged?  Bought these bargain screen printing frames from ebay and saw the delivery man from across the street and I immediately got excited because I have been expecting him today.  Saw him walked away from the porch... but I was trying to figure out why my boyfriend was calling him to come back.  So hurried up to the house and my boyfriend was explaining to the UPS man about the damage and what was he going to do about it.  The UPS man said he made a note and did I want to ship the damage part back and keep the rest?   HUH??? I said, I told him I will notify the seller and that he should have noted before he left that the damaged was there instead of us noticing it at first.  This is UPS fault and was just going to walked away with it.

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