Sunday, September 21, 2014

18 weeks pregnant and her water broke

It's Friday, and my daughter been in the hospital Sunday.  She's 18 weeks pregnant and her water broke.  She's on antibiotic and they just gave her another pill a few minutes ago.  She had discharge with blood today and had contraction.  Her contraction became as close as every five minutes.  I thought that was the end of it.  I really thought we lost the baby.  But now it is 12:27 am 9/21/2014, and she's no longer having contraction.  But they did gave her something for pain, morphine and something else.

Couple of black nurses came in to check on her and remove the machine that was monitoring her contraction.  So I had to ask them the question:  "Do you know anybody that had a successful outcome similar to her situation?"  One of the nurse responded:  Yes, one of our co-worker experienced the same thing at 19 or 20 weeks and now her baby is healthy.   Her responds gave me faith again.  I thought the Most High had made his decision to take my first grand child.  I'm hopeful and stable at the moment.  and my daughter continues to fight for her baby's life.

What I dislike the most about this experience so far is, one of the female doctor here name Dr. Wood, she kept pressuring my daughter to make a decision to terminate her pregnancy.  I told my daughter not to make a decision right now, because she was emotional and about to burst into tears, but the Dr. Wood kept insisting for her to make a decision.  Until the white nurse or doctor told her, that she didn't have to and that they will be here all day and to let them know.

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