Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beginning my vegetable garden in containers

I'm trying out my green thumb.  Well to see if my thumb is green.  I'm using the grow bags method that Larry Hall use in his YouTube videos.  The idea is to use Walmart re-usable grocery bags and fill it with your potting soil and plant your vegetable or flowers.

Ofcourse I tweaked it just a tiny bit, by using a storage container from Dollar Tree.  My idea is to combine the terrarium concept and Larry Hall's grow bag concept.  Here is a list of what I used:

  • Walmart grocery bag (only cost .50 cents each)
  • Standard potting soil, I bought from Walmart (small bag because I'm still in the experimenting method)
  • $1 container from Dollar Tree, with holes, so the grow bag can breath while inside the container.  (This is another method I learned from Larry Hall, is called air pruning technique, suppose to help your plant to take in nutrients better and prevents root bound)
  • Small rock pebbles
  • Charcoal use for aquarium
  • Moss
  • Spinach seeds
Burpee Spinach Seeds

I know I'm late starting my garden.  But I'm in middle Georgia, so we don't get frost until later in the season.  and besides according to the spinach packet I can grow this in the fall.

Sow in average soil in early spring for first crop, again late summer for fall crop.  In the south, sow in fall.  Sow thinly in rows 1 1/2 - 2" apart.  Cover with 1/2" of fine soil;  Firm lightly and keep evenly moist.  Seedling emerge in 7-14 days.

I'm hoping to have a good turnout and planning on purchasing more of these container and start my vegetable garden.  

Here is a video of Larry Hall explaining air pruning.

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