Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kindle Touch 6" Review

Bought a Kindle 6" e-reader from BestBuy and I lost it.  I didn't get the touch version.  I bought the very basic version.  I don't even know which version it is.  But is not the touch version.  See the image below.  But then I lost it.  and I did not have it in my budget to purchase a new one.  So off to ebay I go.

I couldn't believe I won the bid.  I think I just got caught in the bidding moment.  I really didn't want it.  I think it I paid too much for a used Kindle.  But anyway, I paid for it and I received and it was delivered.

First of all, I am not a Kindle fan and I didn't wanted the touch version.  I wanted the previous version.  But after using this thing for about two weeks, I am impressed.  The touchscreen response is quick and easy to navigate.  Easy to setup and sync to my amazon account.  So I was  able to download previous purchases.  It's light weight and feels to good to hold.  Narrower than the Nook Simple Touch, I have.  Overall, I definitely recommend it.  and although I purchased this thing used from this ebay seller, the battery life and condition is great.  Thank you for a great deal, ebay user dwrinc.

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