Thursday, January 15, 2015

Planting vegetable and herb seeds indoor

Today I bought Jiffy Professional Greenhouse with 36 palettes for under $5.00 at Wal-mart. You simply add 1/2 litter of warm water, slowly, to expand the entire package.  Each palette will increase in size to about 1 to 1.5 inches.

I used rain water and a turkey baster to slowly add water to greenhouse.  

Each row of six palette I planted seeds of the following:
  1. Green Beans
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Cilantro
  4. Lavender
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Basil.

The first set of seeds I planted indoors in the first of this month.  Two green bean and two tomato plants are outside.  The rest of the seedlings are still in their greenhouse without the lid.  It's too cold for to be outside.  and tonight is going to dip below freezing.  I'm hoping the four I have outside will survive.  Although they are each in their own container, I have 2 litter plastic bottles covering the plants.  Hopefully that's enough to protect them from the unforgiving cold tonight.   

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