Saturday, May 29, 2010

Melanin for UV Rays

Experts say that one of the many obstacles that humans have when dealing with outer space is exposure to hazardous space radiation.  And building the technology for protection can be so costly and maybe doesn't exist just yet.  Maybe experts are looking for solutions in the wrong direction.  I believe that Earth's protective magnetic field is not the only way to protect ourselves from the danger of space radiation.  

Take for example.  In human species, you have humans that evolved or blessed with melanin.  And because of this melanin the sun's uv rays is no longer dangerous but more like a kiss.  But in some such as the Caucasians race, due to their lack of melanin, the sun's rays is more like a death sentence.  Long exposure to the sun's rays causes, blisters which often leads to skin cancer and eventually death.

I believe humans one day will find a biological aid that will help us get intune with the space radiation and hopefully it will not be so dangerous for us to traverse in the universe.

I wonder have NASA scientists have tested the impact of space radiation between blacks and white people?

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