Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Twilight Saga Fanatic

I can't remember how many times I've watched the movie Twilight over and over again.  I fell in love with the Bella and Edward so much that I couldn't wait for the release of New Moon on theaters.  I got my hands on the book "New Moon" and instantly dove my self in it.  I spent my entire weekend reading the book and it was very hard to put it down.  Finally, the movie trailer was released and I planned my entire year perfectly and even imagined myself camping out at the theatre to watch New Moon.  I was so amazed at Jacob's transformation that it made it difficult to choose between him and Edward's side.

And last weekend, I finally decided to read "Eclipse".  It was so good, I couldn't hardly eat the past couple of days reading it.  It was so hard to put the book down.  And when Idid, all I could think about is what happened next.  So I would immediately back track to the last page I read.  When I finally finished reading the book, it was soooo good that I kept going back to chapters and pages to make sure that I didn't missed anything.  I immediately searched for Books A Million local phone number and asked them do they have "Breaking Dawn" in stock.  and OMG! they do.  I planned on buying as soon a I could.  But I decided to cheat and see if there were previews of the first few pages on 

At my disappointment, I read reviews of Breaking Dawn.  Why, is seems that Twilight Saga fans are not so satisfied with book and as matter of fact many are so furious. They mentioned that the Author Stephanie Meyer could NOT have written this book.  I am so afraid to read the book now that I might put this everlasting impressioned that Bella and Edward lost their passionate love for each other.  The worst part is, I've been waiting for the moment when they finally consimate their relationship and from reading the book reviews of Breaking Dawn, it is so disappointing.  Ugh!, as Bella would have.

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