Friday, August 27, 2010

Boost Mobile vs. Virgin Mobile

I've been seeing their TV commercials and remembered seeing their ad on Yahoo's homepage.  So today I finally had a chance to google this new $25.00 plan Virgin Mobile advertisement.  Oh My Gosh!! I love it.  I don't know where to start.  Let's begin with their phone plans.

I don't know any other cell phone company that offers the $25.00 per month for unlimited text, email, data, & web, plus 300 minutes of talk time.  Perfect for a teenager or perfect for my 20 year old daughter who's in college and without a job!  It's actually perfect for me also. 

Although I'm currently happy with Boost Mobile right now.  But I haven't been happy with their ugly phones.  So I continued to browse VirginMobile website and there it is.

LG Rumor Touch.  It's everything I want in a phone.  It's still a bit expensive but not as expensive as its competitors when it comes to the size of the screen, touch screen, full qwerty keyboard, and camera.  Easy access to social networks but most of all it has goggle maps and turn by turn.  I'll never get lost again.  Not that you can get lost in Macon.  But anyway I love it!  and I want one.

Finally, the cherry on top.

the MIFI 2200 Mobile Hotspots.  You can connect up to 5 Wi-fi enabled devices to this sucka for unlimited internet connections for only $40 per month.  No contract!

Virgin Mobile just won my heart!

Aside from your netbook or laptop and digital camera... this is all what a traveling technie needs on the go and stay connected.  I think Virgin Mobile is gonna get some of my dollars cause I have to have all three of the above items.

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