Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dogs Gone Wild

Because of the heat index here in Georgia, I've been taking my two pitbull puppies later and later on in the evening.  As a matter of fact, we just came from our usual walk.  Which is walking from one corner to the the other corner of our street.  I just recently figured out how to walk two dogs.  and I don't even know if I'm doing it right.  Anyway, they went viral when the encountered a blue pit bull puppy today.  The Blue Pit was just so quite, I don't remember it barking at my puppies who apparently went berserk upon seeing another one of their kind.  I really thought Roxy was going to brake her neck, she was trying so hard to go after the Blue Pit.  the owner of the other dog, was just so cool at the whole episode, while I was panicking like crazy.  I didn't know whether I could keep control of my dogs gone wild.

I was on the phone when I saw the other dog and its owner on its way.  I immediately told Lady T, that I would call her back.  I really just wanted to keep Toot away from the other dog because of her mange.  But the owner just literally just stood there and let her dog tried to get acquainted.  I had to squat in front of my puppies to stop from pulling their leash.  I was afraid I was hurting them and they will feel this pain later on.  Roxy voice got horse from barking sooo loud and sooo much. 

Well atleast the ordeal has passed and my puppies are just laying on my bedroom floor right now.  I guest they are also tired from this experience.  I really have to teach them how to walk with me without going viral when they see other dogs.

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