Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bobble Water Bottle and Filter

Last week, I was at my local Office Depot store looking for a new Laser Printer.  And when heading to check out, I stop the sale item cart to see what good deal I could find.  I didn't know what they were, it says some type of filter and they had a full shopping cart of them for 50 cents each.  So I grabbed a couple and when I got in the car I started googling them on my smart phone HTC Virgin Mobile.  I stunned to find out that these filters I bought for 50 cents each are retailing at ebay for $6.99 each.  So before leaving the parking lot, I gave my boyfriend $13.00 to grab me what my money can get.  When he returned he had 3 plastic bags full of Bobble Filters.  and I listed them online on ebay for 2for $9.00  

I quickly sold 3 sets.  Not bad.  I still have them for sale, so if you're interested in getting some filters for your Bobble bottle check me out on

I even made a carrier for my Bobble Bottle

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