Thursday, August 2, 2012

USB Mini Slim Wireless Mouse from ebay

During our vacation last week, I somehow lost my USB for my wireless mouse.  I bought that mouse a few years back at Best Buy for... I think $19.00 and that is definitely not on the budget for a replacement mouse, that I must have.

So off to to search for a good deal.  and I found two.  The red color of this wireless mouse sold me and the price of $5.49 sealed the deal.  and thought to my self, I can afford another one for my netbook.
It just needed one AA battery.  and the mini USB plugs to your computer and due to is size, it doesn't have to be removed unless you're getting a new mouse.  It responds quickly and glide smoothly.  For a graphics such as myself, it does the job. 

I received this slim wireless mouse today.  So I haven't really had a chance to test it.  I don't have an additionnal AA battery for it.  will update this review later on.  But check out my pixs of my slim wireless mouse below.

regular mouse on the left and the slim mouse on the right

check out the difference on the height of these two wireless mouse.

bottom of the wireless mouse, the battery compartment, i guess the on and off switch, laser track and the compartment that houses the USB.

not bad for about $5 bucks and free shipping

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