Tuesday, April 16, 2013

3 weeks old Tomato Plants

My ultimate reason for growing my own vegetables is due to high prices of tomatoes and vegetable.  I went to Lowes yesterday to buy more things for my newly vegetable garden or should I say tomato garden.  I bought the following:

1.  Two bags for soil for almost $4 each bag. Sta-Green Flowers & Vegetable Garden Soil

2.  Plant food -  I was really looking for gypsum, but they had none, so I grab a bag of calcium for my tomato plants but it was over $12 and as I kept browsing through plant foods, I ended up settling for tomato and plant food.  So will see what happen, I guess.

Jobes Organics Vegetable & Tomato plant food. 
I sprinkled about 2 tlbs of this in my soil before planting.  

maybe wondering what the hek?  well I sowed some seeds early in the winter and they never germinated or atleast I thought they were destroyed to our longest winter here in middle Georgia.  So I recycled the dirt they were in and lo and behold, they just started popping up all over the place a week ago.  

I ran out of pots so I used what I have around the house.  cans, and empty toner boxes.  I poke holes on the bottom to drain excess water out. Just until I can find better containers.

because I'm on a financial crunch or Ms. El Cheapo, I didn't have much left to spend to buy steaks for the plants to support themselves, so I grabbed some extra long twigs laying in my yard and form a pyramid and tied them at the top with crochet yarn.  Hope they will do the job.

These container were given to me by a friend who use to have house plants.  Thank goodness.  I saved money on that.  

I transferred my plants yesterday from their 4" inch container to these huge container, which hopefully will be their permanent home.  I chose to plant in container because, I'm knew to this and hopefully the more experience I get the more knowledgeable I will become and I'll continue to garden if I enjoy it and reap a positive benefits.  

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