Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The more I visit Savannah, the more I want to stay

My second visit to Savannah.  Last time I was here, I was overwhelmed and became exhausted quickly.  This time I was a bit prepared.  I tried to cover as much as I could but I ran out of time more quickly than anticipated.  Although I had the same allotted time from my previous visit.  I did learn something about Savannah or the historic district atleast, that is "Trolleys or Street Cars are free to hop on downtown".  And that is really one of the fastest way to get to know the area.  But I prefer being on foot.
and that you could buy an all day pass and ride city bus for $3.  

lunch at Forsyth St cafe in Savannah GA

what else could you ask for.  cafe at the park

Forsyth Park is very kid friendly

fun in the sun - Forsyth Park

my dogs would love this stroll

and the Trolleys stop are right across the street

I thought it was a place of worship but it was a restaurant

700 Drayton

cooled off with a chocolate milkshake at the city market

even the birds are confident in savannah

art galleries and studios at the City Market

Samantha Claar Gullah Living

i love that piece

shared studios among artists

other side of River St.

I love Savannah

how could you not love Savannah

just so gorgeous 

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