Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updates on my tomato plants

Truly my first garden and I've learned plenty and ready for next season.  I know what to do and not to do.

  1. Water your tomato plants only once per week.  and don't water them if it rained that week.
  2. Add a ring of epson salt on the base of your plants so when it rain or when you water them the magnesium will get absorb.  Your tomato plant is magnesium deficient if their leaves are yellowing or lime green.  Adding a dash of epson salt around the plant solves this problem.  Do only once per two months.
  3. Add calcium, like crushed, unpainted sheet rock to the dirt mix.  It will stop any end rot issue.
  4. give your plants some space and support.  which I failed to do so.  But next time, I will.
  5. Spank your tomatoes.  Roll a piece of newspaper and tap lightly, beginning from the stem and up.  The vibration trigger blossoming to yield more fruits.  
  6. plant flowers close to your tomato plants to attract bees.
  7. Next year I'm planting strawberries around my tomato plants container.

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