Monday, July 15, 2013

Technology and Crochet

I love tech gadgets.  and I love being a graphic artist and a web designer.  If someone offered me a trip back in time, I will not go without my tech gadgets, such as my laptop, tablets, ereaders, smart phones, digital camera, etc.  But lately, crocheting have been taking over much of my time.  And it has helped so much in my technology withdrawal symptoms.  Just when I thought I couldn't survive a day without my gadgets, I found that crocheting have provided me some sense of serenity and when I am crocheting, it takes me into a trans like meditation.  It allows me think and create at the same time and to do so in pace.

I often now wish that I have taken this craft much attention and seriousness in my youth.  I did learn how to crochet at a young age.  But thanks to YOUTUBE, and all of its wonderful tutorials, I learned so much in so little time.  and thanks to etsy, I am able to earn some cash with my creations.

So being computer savvy with an ancient craft goes along together.

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