Thursday, September 19, 2013

Free Shipping or Not Free Shipping,

I wanted to order a box of paper from Office Depot, because I remember how quick their service was when I use to order paper for my previous employer.  Literally the next day or two.  I'm in need of copy paper severely.  So I point my browser to, and sure enough they are having a sale on copy paper.

that's like paying $3 per real of 500 sheets and it clearly states FREE Shipping

But I got disappointed because when I tried to check out the website charges me $9.95 for shipping.  I guest I'll go to ebay and pay $33-$35 for the same box and get free shipping.  Just have to wait more than couple of days.

So, the lesson here, double check your total when shopping with 

But don't write them off the list, just contact the webmaster like I did, and hopefully they'll fix that hickup.

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