Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wireless mouse and wireless flexible keyboard from ebay - See review and videos

Declutering my work area by going wireless

I purchased an all in one desktop computer, finally. But I bought it used from a Pawn Shop in my area.  It's a 19 inch Lenovo All In One desktop computer. The big plus, instead of Windows 8, it has Windows 7 and it's a touch screen.  I think I got a deal.  I paid $275 each.  I also bought exactly the same unit for my daughter.

It came with a wired keyboard and mouse.  I'm all about simplicity and needed to stay compact in my tiny office.  To stay in budget, I went to and purchased wireless keyboard and mouse.  So far, they are working and responding pretty good.  I'm getting used to the keyboard, more and more, even though I've only used it for a couple of days but I'm really liking it.

wireless mouse

wireless flexible mouse

flexible folding rolled up keyboard

all in one desktop computer 

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