Tuesday, April 1, 2014

No more cds for new printers

I'm a printer-holic.  Not a year goes buy without buying a new printer or two or three.  This year I bought the Brother Laserjet Priter HL-2270DW.  I love the compact desktop printers that Brother makes. Specially this buy.  Because it has automatic duplex and its wireless.  Although  I don't have it hook up as wireless, I'm still using USB cable to connect to it, I'm loving it so far.

But what I noticed with this purchase, is when I plugged it to my hp laptop, my pc didn't prompt for me to install the sofware using the CD that came with it.  It automatically did it for me.  I'm like, "WOW!", so I'm thinking, maybe because it's Windows 8.1, so I tried my Window 7 desktop printer and Eureka!, it works also without the need of software installation.  I love it.  No more collecting these CDs for printer softwares.

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