Thursday, April 17, 2014

USPS phone customer service sucks

I've been waiting for a package and was expected to be delivered by the 12th.  Well... it is now the 17th and no package yet.  So I call my local post office and I get a message that, she won't be back 'till Monday, today is Thursday.  and recommended to call the national # which is 1800.275.8777.  And because I have no other alternative, I call the freaking #.  It was so anoying, it was so hard to get an agent, the robot agent, didn't understand what I was saying, and kept insisting I was saying something else.  I'm not trying to track a package, because I could do that online.  What I want to know, is what happened to it and why is not getting to its final destination.  So I wanted to speak to an agent, but the Robot keep asking why, so I'm repeatedly saying "Lost Package", "Lost Delivery", Agent, and Robot representative just keeps repeating a cycle or options that I am not requesting.  So I just kept saying "Agent" over and over again, and finally I'm on hold to speak to one after ten minutes.  So I've been on the phone and still no human.

No wonder why they are going out of business.

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  1. It's about time someone said something! I had a package that was to be delivered, and they wouldn't bring it to my home because I hadn't changed my address, even though the new package was to be sent to the correct place. Sorry for your troubles. Hoping you get a person on the phone soon!

    Joey @ Amerika Link


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