Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mortal and Pestle, what to use it for?

As you know, I finally bought my 6" Kindle e-reader.  I think it was for $59 straight from  I quickly downloaded some free e-books and one of those e-books was "Essential Home Remedies" by Sue Woledge.   Although the e-book was not exactly what I wanted to add to my Kindle library, I actually truly enjoyed it.  The book only covers a handful of herbs but the way it was written, it kept me reading to the end.  I really enjoyed it and I actually listened and paid attention to a lot of her advice and recommendations.  One recommendation was the use of garlic.  I already knew the importance of garlic, but her recommendation was to use organic garlic.  I never really thought about that, but she was right and on point.  Although I love garlic and love using it on food and I even make my own garlic and vinegar potion, I never enjoyed preparing it.  It's so sticky and that layer of skin is so hard to remove and you have to press it with your knife or bang the ball of your palm to gain access to the garlic.  So I bought and tried all kinds of garlic presser and I was not satisfied and somewhat disappointed.  Until I bought a mortal and pestle.  

First of all, I didn't even know what they were called.  I do remember my grandmother had these and often used it for her tobacco.  I called them herb grinder or pounder.  and somehow in search of garlic presser on ebay, I found these.  I only found the two small ones,  They cost about $5 plus shipping.  I had no idea they were that small.  and I even tried using them, and they were a joke.

then, I found the big one at my local dollar store here in Macon, sold for $5 bucks.  I was shocked.  and it is now my official garlic presser and grinder.  It's made out of some kind of stone.  It's heavy and it does the job with ease.  So no more unused garlic in my house.  
I love it and planning on buying more soon.

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