Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter and my vegetable garden

I don't even know if you can call it a garden, just plants, vegetable plans.  lol.  Anyway today temperature in Macon Middle Georgia is high 36 and low 27.  Last night it was a cold 21.  I slept with my space heater on, which I never do.  But last night it was an exception because it was cold.  and it looks like is gonna be cold again for the next couple of nights.

Luckily, I'm container gardening.  I wanted to start early this year with my vegetable garden.  Because I refuse to eat gmo foods or food containing gmo's.   I'm not an expert or novice gardener or have green thumb, but I'm willing to learn.  I'm just not willing to spend money.

So for my frugal vegetable garden.

  • I did buy seeds, last year.  So I hope they are still alive.
  • I'm using Larry Hall (YouTube user) growbags , which are .50 cents Walmart shopping bags
  • and storage container from Dollar Tree.
  • I did buy a seedling tray from Lowes.
I didn't buy any dirt.  I use layer of yard leaves, dirt, and wood compost from my backyard.  In the beginning last year, there was a huge tree that fell and was just composting on its own.  By the end of this year, it just naturally composted. So I used that as my top soil.

I What I started seeding so far:
  • 4 green beans
  • 8 tomato plants
  • 4 cilantro
2 of the green bean germinated quickly.  I mean by the 2nd day, 2 sprouted already.  and they were fast overgrowing the tiny green house.  I transplanted the two plants and this is how they look.

To protect them from the cold and wind, I placed a plastic 2 liter bottle.  I cut the top part of the bottle to have a larger opening.  I just covered the baby plant with the bottle.  Allowing sun but the cold weather to harm it.  I'll bring them inside the house at night until the weather gets warmer.  

tomatoes are germinating nicely, but no cilantro yet.
I took them outside to get some sun.

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