Friday, April 1, 2011

Weird Dream

I woke up today from a weird dream.  As if its another vision of what will come to pass.  I'm in a, what it seems to be a foreign land.  Surrounded with blacks.  I remember being with the elders of the tribe or the community.  Elderly women dancing in a trance.  Everyone else was in some sort of celebration. 

The next thing I know I was telling the little children that the end is near and water will rise.  One pointed out to the window and said like that.  I saw the water rise, before I could say anything the children ran the other way screaming.  It was too late for me to do anything.  I was trying to remain calm, breath as much air as I could and find a  safe scape route.  But where.  As the water filled up what it seems like a huge openhall cathedral church, I held on to the edge of the walls and tried to find the exit to the roof top.  But I found a pocket of air in an unusual place inside this facility.  Couple of security guards and some of the children found this atrium like place with no water in it.

Then this white hippy looking dude was looking for a power source and he realized that he had a satellite video camera and wanted to film the event.  I told I would hold the camera while he gets on the front.  But he was going so fast as if he was just playing in the crowds.  There were many that survive and the people could care less of letting their love ones know that they made it.  Weird...  Not exactly sure what this dream is trying to tell me.  oh and I uttered the the name of the country I was suppose to be in ... "Bahamas."

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