Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally my book is done.

Finally, finally, my book is out for sale and with an ISBN #  I've been on and off working on this book since 2001.  This is my first edition but I am planning on a 2nd edition by the beginning of next year, 2011.  This book is 64 pages and the content or the interior of this book is 64 pages.  Right now, anyone can purchase it on my webpage at  the following link.  

I am currently working on a 2nd edition with more photos.  and I am adding a new feature in the book.  

First of all this book is about religious facility, churches, synagogues through out Macon.  My 2nd edition.  I am planning on adding more churches and photos of interior of these churches and house of worship.  I am relieve that I finally have a completed book out there for sale.  and I would like to thanks for making it happen. 

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