Saturday, July 10, 2010

Terrible Day

I had a terrible day.  and what's so weird about it is, I didn't get any signs.  I usually get a sign that something is going to happened to today or in a near future and you are not going to like it.  Well the worst happened.  I got in a car accident and it wasn't even my damn fault and I know I'm gonna end up paying for it.  The lady was going too fast and she fucking hit my van.  and because my insurance laps and my registration suspended because of the freaking insurance, it's gonna be on me.

I am so broke.  I just spend all my money yesterday taking care of shit, thinking that I'm finally caught up a little and finally was able to surface to grab some damn air and now this shit.  But I have to think positive.  and hopefully I'll get over this hump.  May the Most High Help Me and my apo Sindang.

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