Friday, July 30, 2010

How to fix your Magic Jack if it doesn't work on your computer


So, I finally purchased my magic Jack at Walmart for $39.95 plus tax.  The "As You Seen On TV" products states that you can  have a phone service for $19.95 per year by simply plugging this USB device to your computer and plug in any of your home phone to the device and wala!!! You Have a Home Phone Service.  And so I did, I plugged it to my computer and plugged my home phone but nothing happened.

As I was about to return it, I decided to test it to my new Toshiba Laptop with Vista Operating system and it works just find.  But I use my HP computer with Windows XP operating system and it just freezes my computer.  So I just decided to use my Toshiba Laptop to use my Magic Jack.  But I'm always using my HP Laptop and I had to find a way to make it work.

How to fix your Magic if it doesn't work on your computer?
I visited the to see if I can call a representative or tech but there was no number listed.  You would think a phone company or a company who offers phone service would have a phone line with technical service representative.  And NOPE, no phone reps.  But they do have a chat with a rep.  And the Rep was actually helpful and gave me the following steps to fix my issue.


Sebastian: 1. Click Start tab and open your control panel...
Sebastian: 2. Go to internet options..
Sebastian: 3. under privacy tab.. slide bar down to "allow all cookies"
Sebastian: 4. under security tab click on "trusted sites" then click the "sites" button..
Sebastian: 5. type the following address into the text box..
Sebastian: 6. click the "add" button..
Sebastian: 7. type in the following address.. and click "add".
Sebastian: 8. type and click "add"
Sebastian: 9. Uncheck the box at bottom left of window that says "require server verification..." click "ok"
Sebastian: 10. then click "Ok" close the internet options.
Sebastian: 11.unplug the magic jack and plug it back into a different usb port.

I recommend that you restart your computer after following the steps above and if that still didn't work try the steps below.  It worked for me.


That's my MAGIC JACK which is hook with my Vtech wireless phone.  Baby!!!

I got tired buying business cards because I can't afford my phone bill sometimes and often lost my phone number.  But never with Magic Jack.  I'm gonna pay additional 3-5 years as soon as I can.  Major Savings.

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