Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walmart Shoppers

Oh wow that's neat, JanSport came out with a new flesh colored fanny-pack!wait, wait a minute,hold on, that can't be,is it really?.OH MY DEAR GOD! Someone come and stab me in the neck so I'm distracted from this pain! 

Do you REALLY think you are going to be needing those condoms there playboy? Unless you plan on practicing for the big game with a toilet paper roll and some lunch meat, I recommend that you put it back on the shelf. 

Well the good news is that we were able to crown our top mother from Mother's Day! Congratulations? 

Oh damn, Santa is workin it! 

OH COME ON! How hard could it possibly be to cover your ass? The purpose of suspenders is to keep your pants up above your waist, yet somehow you have managed to fail at that simple task, while at the same time, just our luck, the backup safeguard of your shirt fails to stay down and protect us. Thanks buddy! 

He was recently diagnosed with Pee Wee Herman Syndrome. Basically your kids are distracted by him and yet you still have a sneaking suspicion not to let them watch, but for some reason you let them anyway. 

Hey hog molly, they don't make tube-bottoms for a reason. Knock it off. 

Ow, she's a brick (da-na-na-na) HOUSE. She's mighty mighty, just lettin it all hang out. 

Well obviously the front basket is full so she couldn't ride E.T. style which doesn't leave her many other unsafe transportation options.

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