Sunday, August 8, 2010

Walmart Shoppers

I don't even know why you are bothering looking at bikinis because I don't think you could look any sexier. If I were you I'd be over in the jewelery section picking out bellybutton rings if you really want to make it pop, ya know! 

Put 'em on wheels!!!! This is going to revolutionize breast feeding on the go. Multi-tasking has never been so easy! This is ingenious. (If you are dumb enough to agree with me and would like to invest in this new idea please feel free to send gross amounts of money directly to us). 

Ummm, I think you might need something more than the pine tree air freshener. It's a start, not where I would have started, but it's a start. 

On a scale of 1 to 10, where do you think his level of giving a f*** what you think is? What I'm feeling right now is straight jealousy for that dude. 

Do you think her and the rest of the music hating Blue Meanies are gearing up for another attack on the Yellow Submarine? 

How does one manage to make it look like they tucked their ass into their pants like a shirt? 

I am so disappointed in our entire human race right now. I'm angry at each and every one of you that we have gotten to this point as a species. I wish I could put literally every person in a timeout right now. 

You figure the needle would have popped something, right? 

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