Sunday, December 25, 2011

Irobot 7" PC Tablet

I purchased this Irobot 7" PC tablet from ebay in the beginning of this year.  I've done a review on it and wanted to do a bit of comparison from the Barnes and Nobles Nook ereader.  Watch the video for my review.

The Good
  1. The price is only $120.00
  2. 7" inch
  3. Full Color
  4. It has speaker
  5. It takes pictures and video (yes it has a camera)
  6. It plays music - all kinds
  7. It plays videos - most kinds
  8. It reads PDF documents and others
  9. It has installed apps
  10. Expandable Memory SD card slot
  11. It has a gadget that allows you to attached USB device.  I've attached and read some of my USB discs
  12. Head phone jack
The Bad
  1. You need an Android Phone to download Android apps for it
  2. No page turner like other e-reader ( I guess because its more than an e-reader)
  3. Battery life sucks (I might have to find a new battery for it)
This would have been the ideal tablet of the Millennium if the battery life was decent.

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