Monday, December 12, 2011

Is there a GOD?

If there is god, why does he allows people to suffer?

Why does he allow children to be molested for 20 years and have children by their perpetrator?  like the Duggard, who was abducted at 11 years old, imprisoned in the monster's backyard and sexually repeated and even had two children by this monster.  If god is real, why does god allow for innocent children to go through such torture?

If God is real, why can't he just make all of evil dissipate into nothingness.  If he's the creator of the boundless universe and so on and so on.

If God is real why did he have to create the flood of Noah and kill everyone in the earth in those days and times.  That means that god drowned all of the animals, children, and old women.  If god is so merciful why does he kills people?

Why is the god of the universe, the omnipresent, omniscience, and all knowing and loving god is a JEALOUS GOD?

Why does god feels like he has to make a deal with the devil?  as in case of Job.

Why is the devil have the ability to be in the presence of god?

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