Sunday, December 25, 2011

Why buy the Nook Tablet vs the Amazon Kindle

Why I bought the Nook by Barnes of Nobles vs the Amazon Kindle.  The main reason why I chose Nook Simple Touch Reader vs Amazon Kindle is simple,  the EXPANDABLE SD CARD SLOT.  I actually have my personal collections of ebook in PDF format.  and is the main reason why I wanted an E-Reader.  and since the Amazon Kindle didn't have an expandable card slot, I opt for the Nook by Barnes and Noble.  Some of my PDF files are over 100 mb and I have close to 100 PDFs and without the expandable memory in Amazon I chose the Nook. 

What I like about the Kindle
What I do like about the Amazon Kindle as oppose to the Nook is the sleek style and it looks much thinner.  The Kindle is still on my list and I am planning on buying one.

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