Monday, December 19, 2011

Its 5 days before Christmas

My netbook keyboard is not working 100% .  The key "s" is hard to press.  I lifted it a bit and blew underneath it.  Hopefully that removed whatever debris was under there.  and having my finger cross from doing any damage.

So five days before Christmas.  and I just got served.  Results wants me to move out by Tuesday.  Isn't that Christmas?  They really put people out during the holidays.  Some people just really lack the holiday spirit.  If there's even a such thing as a holiday spirit.  Although I am trying to keep a smile on my face and not let circumstances befall me.

This year have been good to me.  Not so much of a headache other than the usual.  I have been bless with the online bookstore doing smoothly so far.  I am trying to keep  up with the demands.  and Trying to find ways to take the bookstore to the next level.  It's really hard when I'm using the money I make to pay personal bills instead of getting new equipment and marketing materials.  It's really hard.  I need a small investments, like $5,000.00 

What would I use it for:
  1. New b/w printer
  2. Book covers
  3. New cutting machine
  4. paper stock
  5. office supplies stock - envelopes, tapes, packing materials
  6. Marketing Materials - oversized postcards
  7. Poster size calendars
  8. Bookmarks - for giveaways (promotional)
  9. Bookmarks - for sale
  10. Greetings Cards
  11. Heat Press - for creating full color designs on Tote Bags
  12. Silk Screen Printing  Equipment - for T-Shirts, Tote Bags or maybe a YUDU Machine
  13. New Digital Camera
  14. Amazon Kindle
Anyway back 5 days of Christmas: 

I think my daughter got me the Kindle.  I can't freaking wait.  I was planning on getting Tracy one.  Maybe if I make an additional $100 before Christmas, I can do so. 

I did bought Jamie some presents.  $30 worth of stuff from ELF a jewelry organizer.  I might have to get her something else.  Like a bathrobe, slippers, and etc.  I might have to hit the mall tomorrow.

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