Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 Wish List

My 2012 Wish List.

This year, I was able to get a few things off my list.  I was really suprised that I was able to get some things. 
  1. A brand new 17" HP Laptop
  2. A brand new HP Netbook
  3. I even bought a PC tablet from the ebay.  But it doesn't work as good as I expected it too.  So don't buy a PC tablet that pretends to be an Android and its not.
  4. I do have a bike but I bought that last year.
  5. We did moved into a 3br 2ba house.  But we are moving again before the end of this year.
  6. I did get a new phone and I did love the email features, so I could get instant notification.  But BoostMobile said I used my phones for conference calls and was suspended so now I'm using Virgin Mobile and the email features is not as good as BoostMobile.
  7. I did get four desks.  and I do love them.  two of them I bought from craigslist for $30 each and two of them Tracy bought them for $19.00 each from Forsyth, GA
So now my 2012 Wish List:
  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Dome Shelter using Metal conduits. (atleast I want to be able to build the frame)
  3. New b/w printer - that prints better and faster
  4. sharpen my blade for my book cutter
  5. Shelving Unit for books display (either built in or bookshelves from Rosas)
  6. Acrylic Magazine Holder - Display Books
  7. Postcards printed by Vista - 3 different kinds
  8. Buy more toner for CD printing -
  9. Update CD pages - add images of the ones I've designed already
  10. Queen size bed - 6 drawer dresser with legs (like a credenza)
  11. Over the door shoe organizer
  12. 49cc Scooter
  13. Work Chevy White Van
  14. Thermal Book binder
  15. Washing Machine & Dryer
  16. Heat Press
  17. Silk Screen Printing Kit - from ebay

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