Sunday, October 28, 2012

Nook Tablet vs. Kindle Fire

It was very hard but I did it.  I crochet five Nook covers using the same pattern.  It takes time and diligent to make one of these Nook or Kindle cover.  So while I'm crocheting one, my mind wonders to other patterns and techniques.  But with inner self strength I conquer before my insanity. 

and now I look even more professional, because I storage area, is starting to have some sort of category.

Ques:  Why choose Nook from the rest of the ereaders and tablets in the market?

Ans:  I had Kindle Fire on my wish list for the longest.  I was saving up for it.  even waited for friends and family to give it me as a gift during holidays and my bday.  But, if you want something, get it yourself.  that's what my grandmother would say.  So I continue to squish my budget to save $200.  The more I waited, the more I red reviews and watch more review on youtube and product comparison.  What sold me on the Nook is simply their external sd card slot.  Both Nook and Kindle can view PDF files, images files and videos.  But only Nook has an external SD card Slot.  and I have a lots of PDF I would like to store and view in my new tablet.  and that's why I opt for the Nook Color.  oh... Yes, I bought the Nook Color for $50 less than the Nook Tablet and I'm happy with my purchase.  Although I am planning to purchased the Nook Tablet for Christmas, for me of course.

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