Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Must have tripod for traveling techies

I thought that I had to carry the oversize and overweight tripod for point and click digital camera.  Until I found the Gorilla Tripod.  I bought a small one and a larger one.  
They are perfect for my "over the dresser studio" that I use often to take photos of my etsy goods.

I have this dresser next to a window, and that's the only lighting I use for my studio, natural light.  and I recycled this bottle of wine as a vase for my bamboo plant and it holds my poster size white paper board as my backdrop.  and on the other side I use my desktop lamp.

Here is my small gorilla tripod with my sony cybershot digital camera.

This is my the gorilla tripod is a must for travelling techies.  It comes very handy and can be easily attached on branch or anything it can wrap its three legs with.

Here I'm showing the larger tripod

comparison between the small and large tripod

Sony Cybershot, charging and battery, with my sony card reader.

you can easily attach and detached your camera to the tripod with one click and simply slide out.  

without the attachment 

push the circular to release the camera from tripod

the attachment on the tripod

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