Friday, May 17, 2013

Updates on my tomato garden

Yes, tomatoes garden.  I didn't plant anything else, because I'm really not confident enough on my gardening skills.  So I wanted to experiment and see what happened these plants before I do more gardening.   Besides I'm on a budget.  and I really did try not to spend too much.

I finally decided a permanent area for my garden.  I have this "eye sore" link fence in front of my yard and thought that it is the perfect place for the tomato plant because the plant can use the fence to support itself.  

After googleing urban gardens, I also decided to use cinder blocks as potting containers. 
they are much cheaper than these red potting containers and because they have no bottoms, the roots can continue to grow. and if my tomato plants gets any taller, I can add another cinder blocks right on top of it.  unlike any other plants, tomato plants will grow roots, if you cover their stem.

as you can see the tomatoes are starting to bear fruits.  yeah...!!!!

baby tomato fruits.

cinder block container for tomato plants.

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