Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Got my Tooth pulled out

This was the first time I got my tooth pulled out by a dentist.  The pain was just unbearable.  So on April 23rd, 2013, got my tooth pulled out by Kool Smiles Dentist.  She was quick and precise and very confident on her job.  She literally was running from patient to patient that day.  I guess they just had too many people schedules, but I really wanted my tooth pulled.  So after over an hour waiting, it was my time, the dentist numb my mouth and pulled the sucka out.

when the dentist left, I asked her assistant to let me keep my tooth.  she made me promised not to say anything.  and here it is.

as you can see I had a filling on my tooth.  You can see where the abscess on the side and I guess that's what was causing my tooth ache. 

here you can see the abscess real good. yuck!

Thanks to Kool Smiles got my tooth pulled out for $75 dollars.

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