Thursday, May 16, 2013

Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night.  I had a dream that I was in the Philippines, with my laptop bag and purse.  and as I looked out the window, in the far view, was a brewing tornadoes, it was so beautiful, I wasn't really afraid more like fascinated.  So I ran out the door, grab my camera and snap a few photos of this whirlwind of tornadoes.  The sky was unbelievable.  Maybe I can take my time and paint it one day, so you guys can have a visualization of my dream.  Anyway, I ran back in the house, looking for a safe spot, but it was not enough time, so I quickly grabbed my bag and laid as flat as I could on the ground.  In panicked I asked everyone to find a safe hiding place.  But my grandmother quickly dismissed it and said, it's not going to hurt you and just continue to walk away with not a care in the world demeanor, which I found strange.  But headed to a closet like room anyway, to attempt my safety.  And when the tornadoes, past, I was so amazed by the experienced of capturing one and quickly wanted to share my photos.  And there they were in my digital camera, photos of tornadoes in the making.  then I awoke.   weird...

and even weirder, the other day, I dreamed of my dogs, that I love soo much.

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