Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's in my bag - traveling techie

I've been getting lots of request to see what kind of tech gear that I bring with me when I'm traveling.  So here it is.

What I wanted to show you at, towards the end of this video, was how I got a great deal on our bus ticket to New Orleans from Atlanta Georgia.  I purchased the ticket online from for $10 round trip ticket.  The deal is so good, that I purchased two tickets, so my daughter could come too.  By purchasing my ticket online and over 21 days in advance, you can get a great deal and discount on your ticket.  and I'm pretty sure, because we booked the ticket for Monday travel and not the weekends, also help in getting the discount.

Greyhound also offers 21 days advance discounted ticket.  Last week, I traveled to Savannah, from Macon and it cost me $4 for a round trip.  Again booking it 21 days in advance and during the weekdays and not the weekends gets you discount. 

I'm heading to New Orleans on a Greyhound bus tomorrow.  This is what's inside my bag.
  1. 15" HP Laptop bag
  2. Nook color tablet
  3. Nook Simple Touch
  4. laptop charger
  5. sunglasses
  6. Virgin Mobile not so smart cell phone (cause someone recently stole mine) 
  7. flat wireless mouse
  8. sony cybershot digital camera
  9. sd cards and card readers
  10. Nook tablets charger
  11. inflatable neck pillow, eye shutter and ear plugs
  12. toothbrush, deodorant, extra underwear, hair brush
  13. headphones (not shown)
  14. Large Gorilla tripod - must have
  15. Bobble Water Bottle (not shown)

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