Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What's inside my backpack

I recently traveled on the greyhound bus to Savannah Georgia, which is about 2-3 hours on the road.  and I wanted to bring some of my tech gear with me to keep me occupied.  So take a look inside my backpack.

I wanted to stay as light as possible, since I'm on foot during this trip.  I didn't want to be sluggish by carrying  a heavy backpack.  So I tried to minimize my content to the bare minimum.

  1. HP Laptop 15"
  2. Flat Mouse
  3. Sony cybershot digital camera (not shown, because I used it to take this pix)
  4. Gorilla tripod
  5. Laptop charger
  6. Nook Color (the one in pink)
  7. Cell Phone 
  8. Headphones
  9. hair brush
  10. Bottle of water (I bought along the way, because I left my Bobble Bottle)
  11. Hat (cotton and light weight)
  12. Laptop crochet cover ( for extra protection for bumps and bruises)
  13. Sunglasses (bought along the way)
  14. wall outlet, in case I needed one.
What I wish I would have brought:
  1. My Camera Cord - but definitely buying some kind of adapter to eliminate this in the future.  Because my camera is a sony, my laptop can't read this type of card.  It only have a slot for an SD card slot.  
  2. Bobble Bottle - bought a 20 oz bottle of water for $2!  that's expensive.
  3. Umbrella or rain poncho - although I wasn't caught in the rain, this had me worried, because it was cloudy and gloomy on my way to Savannah and a flood flash warning was in effect.  Luckily it turned out to be a wonderful bright and slightly breezy day.
  4. Sweater or blanket - on my way back, the bus was cold, luckily I had on two layer of shirts, a tank top and a Tshirt on.  So I just slid both arms in my Tshirt because it was chilli in the bus.
Inside Greyhound Bus

It has been a while since I last traveled in a Greyhound bus.  I felt a bit more comfortable this time. Maybe because of the new additions and accommodations.   

in front of you, there's a spot to hold your books and bottle drink holders, one per each seat.
next to my Dr Pepper is my phone, charging to an outlet.  That was a major plus, I was constantly on my phone, checking the surrounding of my destination.  Googleing restaurants and cafes in Savannah.

The bus on the way back home had the outlet right in front of you.  

watching videos on my Nook Color Tablet and charging my phone while on greyhound bus, and did I mentioned both greyhound buses had WIFI, yes, free internet.

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