Friday, April 10, 2015

3-31-2015 Veggie Garden Update

Here are some photos that I took on March 31 of the experimental veggie garden.

I think these cucumbers or squash
The leaves are yellowing and are not looking so good.  So I took them off this Dollar Tree container and transplanted them on the ground.

Suprisingly the cilantro are easy to grow and are not picky at all.  They seems to be flourishing in this Dollar Tree hanging basket.  and that's bay leaves or basil.  I think.

Here's a tomato plant, cage up using chicken wire.  See that tea candle light.  That was for the other day, when the night dip to 29 degrees.

Here are some of the plants that I transplanted to this sandy soil.
I'm planning on adding humus on top.  Hopefully that will help this sandy soil.
But I think this sandy soil is good for these baby plants because it's easier for their new growing roots to really dig in. 

Peas are looking good but they seems to be taking their time growing and so as the green beans below.

more baby tomato plants seedlings.

here's another greenbean plant

I gave these few more days in their cup before hitting the ground.

more peas and tomatoes growing.

seeding tray

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