Friday, April 17, 2015

New bicycle from Cherry Street Cycle

It was an impulse buy.  But I really did want a bicycle.  and instead of buying my 3rd bike from Walmart again, today I decided to buy something I can actually ride.  Here are the reason why I opt for Cherry St Cycle.
  1. I wanted a good bike
  2. A bike I can ride up hill
  3. A professional input
What did I get?  I actually got more than I bargain for.  my budget was $300 bucks.  I walked out the store with a $350.00 bicycle.  They did had to order it.  It wasn't in stock.  The owner reassured me it will be in in a few days.  and it did.  I was measured for the bicycle.  It was put together by the pros of Cherry St Cycles.  and they even offered a beginner's ride.  But I didn't have a helmet.  

I have to say this.  I LOVE MY FREAKING BIKE.  None of the Walmart bikes I bought was able to carry my fat ass going up hill.  This bike, omg! I can now ride up hill.  Seriously that is just amazing to me.  It rides smooth and comfortable.  and it's smaller and lighter than my Walmart bikes.  

The make and model of my new bike is Raleigh Ventura.  

Here are the  accessories I need and want.
  • Rear Rack
  • Front Rack
  • Front basket
  • Panniers
  • Helmet
Here are the accessories that I bought so far from ebay and waiting for them to arrive:
  • Water bottle holder
  • Bell ringer
  • flash light holder
  • kickstand 
waiting for the bus.
and it was the first time I load a bike on the bus rack.  It was scary.  I kept thinking the whole ride that it was going to fall off.  But it didn't.  

on the porch

Update:  May 4th, 2015

I really wanted a basket.  But no money to spare.  So I got creative.  I have this extra plastic basket from the Dollar Tree.  With a couple of shower rings it was an instant bicycle basket.
I love it.

But I am never satisfied.  (lol) So I changed my basket to another Dollar Tree basket.  Check out the video below.

Bigger basket from Dollar Tree

I even crochet some pocket for my cell phone and things.

Another Update
Below as you can see, the mirror arrived and the bell. 
and I forgot I got this camera mount and so I stalled that also.
The bell and mirror I got from ebay.  The mirror is wortless and useless.  I'm removing that shit tomorrow.

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