Thursday, June 11, 2015

How to get free materials for your compost pile

Yeah, I love how my new way of eating is changing me.  I love how my skin is much more clearer and I am more energize.

Simply eating salad daily and drinking plenty of water.
Learning to grow my own veggie cause I want to go organic.  One day I would love to have atleast 70% of my fruits and veggies from my very own garden.

and speaking of garden.
The city came to our house to let us know that they will be trimming our trees away from the power lines.  As I watched them destroyed my two trees I couldn't help to wonder what would they do with all of these fallen branches that is now all over my front yard.  
Another truck came after the tree cutter and began to mulch.  I approached one of the men and asked if I could have some of the mulch.  Without hesitation, they asked where did I want it dumped.

I just chose a corner and now I have so much fuel for next year compost.

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