Monday, June 8, 2015

Vegetable Garden Update - first pick of squash

I don't even buy squash in store.  Never really had taste for them.  Nor do I cook them.  But I had the seeds and I planted some.  So I have about four squash plants and boy they are sun hungry.  I finally was brave enough to pick a couple from the garden today and was super delightful.

I feel like a professional vegetable gardener.  I am so proud of my plants.  I didn't know how to cook nor have I ever cook squash before.  So after watching couple of videos on youtube, I gave it a try.  I sauteed them with garlic and green onions and basil with coconut oil.  (I ran out of olive oil)  and oh my gosh! they are delicious and can't wait for more picking.

I also decided to go ahead and harvest the cilantro seeds or should I say coriander.  I planted new ones and here are my left overs cilantro seeds.
want some of these seeds?  
email me with your mailing address and will send a packet.
alicmiran @ yahoo dot com

May 28th
picked some green beans today and turned them into a meal.

My landlord seen my garden and gave me seeds.  I love that! so thoughtful!

I love getting to know my vegetable plants.  Like how they introduce themselves by these beautiful, I've never seen before squash blooms.

These photos were taken June 2nd
My vegetable garden has grown wild. I didn't know squash plants gets humongous. My tomato plants are over 6ft tall. Straight up organic. No bought soil, fertilizer or chemicals. Just compost from last year fall leaves. I am amaze!

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