Friday, January 21, 2011

Just bought the Virgin Mobile Mifi

I bought this today, because I just have to have internet at home.  I didn't want to wait for a home installation of local internet provider such as Cox Communication or AT&T.   So my daughter and I drove to BestBuy and bought one.  It cost $149.00 for the device.  The size of the device is a little bit bigger than your standard business cards and its 1/4 inch thick.  We had a little hard time installing the device to our laptops so we called the 1800 number for customer service and we got help pretty quick with the installation. And we were able to connect on the internet.  Finally I'm blogging from home instead of the nearest restaurants who offer FREE WIFI.  So far the device is working properly and the internet speed is fast.  Oh, I did had to buy a $40 broadband top-up along with the $149.00 for the device.  So I paid in total almost $200.00  But the device is worth.  I have 3 items connected, two laptops, and 1 psp system.  and its working out here just find in the boondocks.  

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