Thursday, January 27, 2011

I just made $129.00 from Google Adsense

I blog... I blog a lot.  and I love it when I get my check from Google Adsense.  Although it may not seems a lot of money.  But $129 dollars will pay for my cell phone bill and light bill this month.  I live in a one bedroom apartment and uses a prepaid cell phone.  My phone bill is only $50 a month.  But I do get unlimited calling and text and web from my Boost Mobile plan.  and light bill this month was only $48.00  And I still have a few dollars to take me out to eat in a nice restaurant.  LOL!  I love GOOGLE.  I am straight up a GOOGLIAN.

Not only does Google pays me to blog about nothingness, which by the way is my outlet, my stress reliever, but Google also gives me free phone service.  If you haven't tried Google Voice, well I suggest get it, its free.  You can make  and receive free calls using Google Voice.  Google is the best thing happened to this planet.

I love Google!!!! I think they should rename earth with Google!.

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