Monday, January 3, 2011

My New Year Resolution

My new year resolution is probably not that much different from a lot of people.  My main focus this year is my health.  At the age of 37 years old...I don't feel as lively as I use to be.  So this year my health is very important.  I have gain more weight than I wanted the past few years.  I'm over 200 pounds and I'm determined this year to remove at least 50 lbs off my body.

The last few years, my New Years Health resolution was always to loose weight.  But this year I have little bit more overstanding when it comes to loosing weight.  I don't just want to loose weight this year, I want to be more healthy.  Although my goal is to stay away from meat and dairy products as much possible, I have already eaten curry chicken last night from Caribbean restaurant.  And a couple of corndogs the day before.  Today is January 3rd 2011.  I had a small banana nut mufffin with coffee earlier today and I purchased a footlong subway sandwich.  I made sure the person that was making my Tuna subway sandwich included all of the available vegetables.  In that way I will feel good on eating a variety of vegetables today.  I didn't include mayonaise.  But I did asked them to include mustard, which I read somewhere its suppose to be good for you.  And vinegar and oil.

I found out lastnight that apple cider vinegar is really good for your health and can be usefull in other things as well.  So I added oil and vinegar to my sandwich.  I'm also carrying my water bottle today so I wouldn't buy any softdrinks, sweet tea, or soda from McDonalds, while I sit in their facility to do somework.  McDonald have free wifi.  But I did order coffee.  Which I think its ok because it makes me shit. lol!

I think this year, my new year resolution is beneficial for my.  I am including walking everyday to my daily routine.

Now lets see these unwanted fat melt off my ass, hips, and waistline.

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