Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crochet winter hat and scarf

I wondered in the yard section aisles at Walmart the other night.  I've been meaning to grabbed a yard here and there to satisfy my creative flow when it calls for it.  Don't get me wrong... but I love computer graphics and scrapbooking and bookbinding stuff.  That's my life.  But my creative juice doesn't stop flowing there.  Fortunately when I was under 11 years old, I was surrounded with women that crochet to make a quick buck.  I have to say... and give my token of appreciation to my cousin Rowena, who is a few years older than I.  And I think I remembered her teaching me techniques.  I used to follow her to a lady who collected all of her knitted and crochet completed work and would pay her for it.  I remembered the lady weighing the crochet materials.  I guess to make sure that all of the yard is used up.  But I loved crochet and it became a part of me ever since.

I guess creativity has always been a part of me no matter what type of creative activity I was exposed I delve in whole heartedly.  and let me say, I also like to sow, and ceramics.  Crazy right?   Anyway here's some photos of my crochet hat and scarf.

Hat and scarf, I crochet in one day.

The idea came to, while in the process of figuring out how to apply fringe at the end of my scarf.  I just continued to single chain crochet of 30 chains, folded and connected and continue to the next one set of 30 chains.

It would have take longer to create my scarf but I decided to create this gab of, I don't know what you call this pattern, in every 3 rows.

I added a single chain and inter looped in my hat to control the tightness of the hat on my head.

I love my new hand made crochet hat and scarf.  
I bought this yard for $2 at Walmart.  I'm planning to buy additional colors and make more hats and scarf.  and maybe I might just sell them on or give them away for as Christmas Gifts.  

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