Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bike Carts

My daughter and I with her boyfriend drove to the grocery store today.  and a bicycle caught my eye.  It wasn't just any bike this bike had a motor on it.  I was thinking about getting a bike with a motor.  But I wasn't sure about their safety issues just yet.  but after today got me going to the internet and googleing on Youtube Bicycles with 80cc motors.  I found some gas motor kit on ebay.  and I found some videos that I found interesting.  But upon further googling I ran into Bike and their carts.  here are some photos I found.

Most countries these days embrace the bike as a mean of your everyday transportation.  They are very good for your health.  You get exercise.  Very good for the environment no pollutant from riding one.  and very good for your pocket.  Just about everyone can afford it.  and they can be converted into all sort of means.  Like the dude above.  uses it as a taxi cab.

People use their bike for more than sighting.  with a little adjustment and some creative attachements they can haul stuff!

I found this photo.  Can you believe someone stole this along with the cart.  Badass cart though!

I'm letting you know right now.  This is not happening with me.

Talk about hauling!

they can even carry your children.  Just as long as they don't try to get off the cart.


love it.

I first thought this was baby stuff but its actually a carriage for your beach stuff. wow!  unlimited use.


I love this.  3 wheel bike.

i like this attachement.

just a good idea.  I bet its expensive.  But I can put my groceries in it.  and not the baby.  My dog will probably throw a fit and claws his way out of it.

This is the ultimate cart for my bike.  It will fit all of my computer gear.  
Via @popwuping & @uncrate, a seat post attached trailer that converts to a shopping cart when you reach your destination. "The Burley Travoy is for the urban cyclist a useful alternative to the conventional axel hitch trailer. Fully collapsible and made of a lightweight aluminum frame the Travoy hitches to the seat post of any bike, and carries up to 60 pounds on it's two large wheels."

this dude is just crazy.  riding a bike on his flip flops.  what kind of shit is that.  LOL! you thought I was going to say something else...huh?


I want one.  

that guy looked like... why u taking pictures of me for?

when you got loads... you got loads.

I don't think so.  but awesome idea.  

is that possible?  What they should do is use the bike at the bottom to hitch that thing.

that's awesome.

awesome bike cart.

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