Wednesday, December 30, 2009

American Deli for Lunch again

Grab a couple of 10pc wings meal from American Deli today for lunch.  then in a couple of hours, we returned to the store to get a two litter Pepsi, Tissue, Snicker candy bar for Jamie and Hershey for me. Its soo gloomy today compare to yesterday which was a very nice day. 

My computer is in terrible shape.  I think I caught a bug but don't know how it entered my pc.  I tried everything. I tried system restore, pc recovery woldn't execute, tried downloading a free version and 30 day trial version of AVG and still didn't work.  The only think that I had luck on was Yahoo toolbar.  I downloaded Yahoo toolbar and use the SPYware thing.  and it notified that I have a hacker, trojan and plenty of cookies.  I'm really disappointed right now.  After all these years that I had this HP Pavilion laptop "editor's choice"  never had an incident such as this extreme. 

I usually able to fix anyting with the system restore.  and I didnt create a back up disk.  But luckily I dont have a lot of work and I was able to back up the little bit that I did have in it with my external hardrive. 

I really hate to loose this laptop because it have some software that I purchased online without a backup of them or their serial number such as my FLASH CREATOR "Swishzone".   Love swish it makes me look like a legit graphic artist and web designer. 

But I know it's reallytime for an upgrade.  Using my daughter's laptop right now that I purchased for her couple of years ago. 

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